Dear colleagues,

the aim of the present e-mail is to inform you on the opening of the submission process for a special issue of Applied Mathematics and Dynamical Systems of the journal Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS), 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 0.731, dedicated to the memory of our good friend and colleague Jose Sousa-Ramos who passed away on January 1st, 2007, in Lisbon.

All who had the pleasure to meet Pepe know the noble nature of his human character made with extreme simplicity and modesty, as well as his overwhelming and systematic dedication to the students, day after day, or the memory of his delightful enthusiasm sharing his vast culture both in mathematics and physics. Moreover José de Sousa Ramos leaves a vast and remarkable written heritage, much richer than could suggest the mere counting of two hundred scientific papers in international magazines with referee. Most of his papers were in the field of discrete dynamical systems and, in particular, in symbolic dynamics. The importance of the scientific work of José de Sousa Ramos lies in his great creative capacity and mental autonomy, sometimes putting him much ahead of his colleagues with original thoughts and afterthoughts, which, for precisely that reason, resulted in transgressive thinking and, naturally, ideas to be later polished. Nothing surprising for the people used to scientific reflection, and knowing that the scientific truth never erupts as a distilled potion and is, at first, a conquest made by using imperfect tools that will be perfected in the future.

We can say that Jose Sousa-Ramos created an actual school of mathematics, which is in itself a rare and notable achievement, like the one made half century back by the Portuguese eminent mathematician José Sebastião e Silva whose effects still last today.

For that reason, and inspired on him we proposed to edit a special issue of AIMS to recall him and his work. The topics of this issue are:

– Applied Mathematics
-Differential Equations
-Discrete Dynamical systems
-Hamiltonian systems
-Celestial Mechanic
-Mathematical Physics

All the accepted paper will be published free of charge by the authors.

The submission must be sent before 1st MAY 2014 to or

We wait with illusion all your contributions.

Our best regards,

F. Balibrea
J.L.G. Guirao
C. Gracio

Guest Editors.