Aquí puede consultarse la lista de mis prepublicaciones.

Here is stated the list of my preprints.

12.- New complex mixed dark-bright soliton solutions to the some nonlinear partial differential equations

Authors: Wei Gao, Haci Mehmet Baskonus, J.L.G. Guirao, B. Senel , G. Yel

11.- The dynamics of the relativistic Kepler problem

Authors: E.I. Abouelmagd, J.L.G. Guirao and J. Llibre

10.- An extended description logic system with knowledge element based on ALC

Authors: B. Wen, J. Gan, J.L.G. Guirao, W. Gao

9.- C1 self-maps on some compact manifolds with infinitely many hyperbolic periodic orbits

Authors: J.L.G. Guirao, J. Llbre, W. Gao

8.- A numerical approach for solving the nonlinear Van der Pol system of heartbeat model

Authors: M. Umar, Z. Sabir, F. Amin, J.L.G. Guirao, A.Z. Raja

7.- Stochastic numerical technique for solving HIV infection model of CD4+ T cells

Authors: M. Umar, Z. Sabir, F. Amin, J.L.G. Guirao, M.A.Z. Raja

6.- Integrated Intelligent Computing Paradigm for Nonlinear Multi-Singular Third Order Emden-Fowler Equation

Authors: Z. Sabir, M. Umar, J.L.G. Guirao, M. Shoaib, M.A.Z. Raja

5.- Biological Characteristics Analyzing of Molecular Structures via Topological Index Computation

Authors: W. Gao, J.L.G. Guirao, H. Wu

4.- Regarding new wave patterns for the new extended (2+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation

Authors: J.L.G. Guirao, H.M. Baskonus, A. kumar

3.- A novel design of fractional Mayer wavelet neural networks with application to the nonlinear singular fractional Lane-Emden systems

Authors: Z. Sabir, M. Shoaib, J.L.G. Guirao, M.A.Z. Raja

2.- Analytical predictor-corrector entry guidance for hypersonic gliding vehicles

Authors: H. Chen, K. Zhao, J.L.G. Guirao, D. Cao

1.- The existence of the extremal solution for the boundary value problems of variable fractional order differential equation with causal operator

Authors: J.Jiang ,H. Chen, J.L.G. Guirao, D. Cao